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How to link a custom page in ExchangePress widget.


For custom pages in ExchangePress, you need to create an exchange page in the same slug that which plugin has.
Like, this link -, you need to create a page for Binance exchange with this slug 'binance'.

We shared some screenshots to help you.
Note: You can either use the virtual page or switch to custom pages, you can't have both at the same time.

1. Configure the virtual page URL settings like below, 


Disable the create virtual page option if you don't want to use the automated page.

2. Create a post or page with the exchange name and slug as URL, like below


You can add the shortcodes to add content to it, you can check the available text shortcodes on Settings >> Shortcodes under Advanced Shortcodes.

3Now the widget will have these pages links

And the page will look like this,

The style will not be applied to these custom pages, if you want to customize and you can do it, else you want the same UI, then you need to add some code to add the virtual page classes to these custom pages.

add_filter('body_class', 'add_page_classes');
function add_page_classes($classes) {
    if(is_page(array('1172'))){ // add the page id's in the array
        $classes[] = 'exchangepage';
        $classes[] = 'exchangegrid';
    return $classes;

Please add this code to your active child theme function.php, then the custom page will inherit the virtual page style, like below.


We hope this instruction will help you to link the ExchangePress widget to your custom pages.

Feel free to reach us if you need further assistance,